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Harris Solicitors is your go-to law firm for handling all matters related to the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) and confiscation orders. We're dedicated to supporting clients who are under investigation or those who may be affected by POCA. Our team offers expert advice and solid defense strategies to help navigate these challenging situations.


Understanding POCA and Confiscation Orders:
POCA is designed to prevent offenders from benefiting from illegal activities by allowing authorities to seize unlawfully obtained assets. This includes everything from confiscation to civil recovery and taxation of illegal profits. Harris Solicitors is adept at addressing these complex legal areas and providing top-notch legal advice.


What You Need to Know About Confiscation Orders:
Confiscation orders are a key tool used to recover criminal gains after a conviction. If the court determines that someone has benefited from criminal activities, they must repay an amount equal to their illegal gains. Non-compliance can lead to imprisonment. At Harris Solicitors, we specialise in effectively defending against these orders, ensuring that your rights are protected.


Expert Defense Against Confiscation Orders:
Our team at Harris Solicitors has a strong track record of challenging confiscation orders. We carefully review all evidence and work closely with experts to minimize the financial impact on our clients. For example, we successfully reduced a confiscation amount in a major mortgage fraud case from over two million pounds to less than a million.


Why Choose Harris Solicitors?
Dealing with criminal charges and POCA investigations can be overwhelming. That's why Harris Solicitors handles each case with the utmost sensitivity and professionalism. We provide comprehensive support, from police station representation to defending you in court.


Our expertise in POCA cases and confiscation proceedings has consistently helped protect our clients' assets and fight for fair outcomes. Harris Solicitors is your trusted partner in legal defense.


For personalised advice and support, contact us anytime during business hours at 01274 392 177

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