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In the intricate realm of POCA (Proceeds of Crime Act) and the complexities of confiscation orders, the guidance of seasoned professionals becomes indispensable. Harris Solicitors stands as a pillar of defense, routinely representing clients in proceedings related to the proceeds of crime. If you're under the scrutiny of POCA investigations or know someone who is, our firm is your beacon of expert advice and support.

Within these lines, we offer a panoramic view of proceeds of crime legislation and its implications on individuals accused of profiting from criminal activities. We also shed light on the intricacies of confiscation, a common measure used by courts to strip convicted individuals of illicit gains. Harris Solicitors specializes in challenging confiscation orders, showcasing our dedication to delivering impeccable legal counsel.

Exploring POCA:
At its core, POCA aims to curtail offenders from enjoying their unlawfully obtained assets, recover proceeds of crime, and deter unlawful activities. With extensive powers encompassing confiscation, civil recovery, cash seizure, and profit taxation, POCA arms authorities to recover assets. Investigative tools, such as search and seizure and information disclosure orders, provide additional avenues for authorities.

Unraveling Confiscation Orders:
Confiscation stands as a paramount recovery tool under POCA. Section 6 of the Act dictates that an order can be issued post-conviction. It mandates subjects to pay a sum equal to their gains from illegal activities to the court. Failure to comply may result in a custodial sentence.

During the formulation of a confiscation order, the court distinguishes between those who have long-term benefited from a "criminal lifestyle" and those who gained from "particular criminal conduct" leading to conviction.

This distinction is vital; a finding of a criminal lifestyle empowers the court to assume all transactions within the past six years are linked to criminal conduct. Here, the prosecution scrutinizes financial activity over the last six years, aiming to reclaim the entirety of alleged gains. The defense counters, demonstrating that assets acquired within the timeframe aren't tied to criminal proceeds.

Championing Confiscation Order Defense:
Harris Solicitors excels in examining evidence in POCA cases and collaborates with esteemed experts to challenge confiscation orders. Our defense aims to mitigate the financial repercussions of such orders on defendants.

Experience is our forte, evident in our successful challenges against confiscation orders. For instance, in a case involving mortgage fraud surpassing £2 million, we notably reduced the proposed criminal benefit figure to under a seven-figure sum.

Trusted POCA and Confiscation Solicitors in England and Wales:
Facing criminal proceedings is daunting; when coupled with investigations under POCA, stress mounts. Harris Solicitors approaches such situations with sensitivity and professionalism. From police station representation to courtroom defense, we provide unwavering support.

Our specialization in POCA cases and defending clients in confiscation proceedings speaks volumes. With a proven track record of safeguarding assets and a commitment to crafting formidable defenses, Harris Solicitors stands as your ally.

Available round-the-clock, reach out to us during business hours at 01274 392 177 for advice and assistance.

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