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Money Laundering

Expert Guidance for Money Laundering Matters:
For reliable, effective advice on matters related to money laundering, turn to the criminal defense lawyers at Harris Solicitors. If you're entangled in a money laundering issue, our expertise is your shield.

Unraveling Money Laundering Offenses under POCA:
At its core, money laundering involves masking the origins of unlawfully obtained funds. The intention is to portray 'dirty' money as arising from legitimate sources. For instance, funds from illegal drug sales being used to buy and subsequently sell a car. The illegal source (drug sales) is concealed by the legitimate activity (car sale).

Sections 327 to 329 of POCA establish a range of money laundering offenses grouped into three categories: concealing, arranging, and acquiring.

1. Concealing Offenses:

Concealing, disguising, converting, transferring, or moving (beyond the UK) criminal property.

2. Arranging Offenses:

Aiding someone in acquiring, retaining, using, or controlling criminal property.

3. Acquisition Offenses:

Acquiring, using, or taking possession of criminal property.

POCA offenses encompass not only those directly laundering their gains but extend to accomplices who knew or suspected the property involved was derived from criminal activities. For instance, a defendant's spouse or business partner may face scrutiny if suspected of having knowledge about funds from illicit origins.

Penalties for these offenses are severe, with the potential of up to 14 years' imprisonment, fines, or both.

Money Laundering Regulations and Corporate Responsibilities:
The Money Laundering Regulations, introduced in 2007, safeguard sectors prone to money laundering activities. Industries at risk, such as financial institutions, credit organizations, accountancy firms, and estate agents, bear the responsibility of detecting and preventing money laundering. Failure to comply invites civil penalties and criminal prosecution.

These regulations mandate businesses to establish controls, including risk assessments, customer identity checks, and employee training. Businesses are also obligated to report suspicious activities via Suspicious Activity Reports (SAR) to the National Crime Agency (NCA).

Complexity of Money Laundering Proceedings:
Investigations and subsequent court proceedings related to money laundering are intricate and prolonged. They involve meticulous analysis of substantial financial and evidentiary data. In such cases, expert advice is pivotal. Harris Solicitors collaborates with seasoned experts to dissect complex evidence, ensuring the best interests of our clients are safeguarded.

Courts may employ extensive powers to recover proceeds during money laundering cases, often issuing restraint orders to freeze assets. Following conviction, confiscation orders may be enforced, demanding payment equal to criminal benefits. Our extensive experience in POCA matters positions us to adeptly represent clients throughout even the most complex and time-consuming money laundering cases.

Unyielding Money Laundering Defense Solicitors in England and Wales:
Whether a business or individual, facing money laundering probes can be harrowing. The authority's enforcement powers can disrupt personal and professional lives. Harris Solicitors empathizes with the stakes involved and is committed to minimizing stress while achieving optimal outcomes.

Backed by expertise in serious fraud and complex crime, our team analyzes facts meticulously and constructs robust defenses in money laundering cases. Though intricate, we endeavor to communicate the best course of action clearly and comprehensibly, keeping you informed throughout the journey.

Our track record boasts numerous acquittals in the face of serious allegations. We excel in challenging and varying POCA restraint orders, as well as disputing confiscation orders arising in money laundering proceedings.

Contact Us 24/7:
Our money laundering defense lawyers are available round-the-clock, ready to offer initial advice and assistance. Reach out to us at 01274 392 177. Harris Solicitors stands with you every step of the way.

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