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Fraud & White Collar Crime

At Harris Solicitors, we specialize in navigating the intricate landscape of complex and high-value fraud cases. Our team of adept defense lawyers offers seasoned counsel and representation across the spectrum of fraud, encompassing VAT fraud, mortgage fraud, insurance fraud, and benefit fraud. If you find yourself under investigation or facing charges related to dishonest conduct, seeking expert legal advice promptly is crucial for securing a favorable outcome. Turn to the seasoned professionals at Harris Solicitors today for immediate, dependable, and insightful legal guidance.

This comprehensive guide serves as an introduction to the multifaceted realm of fraud and its legal implications in England and Wales. Additionally, we delve into our meticulous approach to defending against fraud allegations and present two compelling case studies that illuminate our prowess in managing complex cases, showcasing the exceptional standards upheld by Harris Solicitors.

Defining Fraud: At its core, fraud involves deceptive acts pursued for personal gain or with the intent to inflict loss upon another. The Fraud Act 2006 outlines three scenarios under which fraud offenses may occur:

  1. Fraud by False Representation: Occurs when an individual knowingly makes a false or misleading representation of fact or law.

  2. Fraud by Failing to Disclose Information: Arises when someone deliberately disregards their duty to disclose relevant information.

  3. Fraud by Abuse of Position: Pertains to those in authority exploiting their position for financial gain to the detriment of another.

In all instances, intent to gain personally, cause loss, or expose others to the risk of loss must be established to prove guilt.

Navigating Fraud Proceedings: Fraud can manifest in various forms, tailored to both individuals and businesses. Therefore, case outcomes hinge on the unique circumstances involved. Courts consider factors such as personal gain value, inflicted losses, and criminal history when determining the outcome for defendants.

Fraud allegations carry serious consequences, potentially leading to imprisonment, substantial fines, and asset confiscation. Beyond legal penalties, the financial and reputational damage can be enduring.

Unparalleled Defense for Fraud/White Collar Crime Cases: Given the intricate nature of this field, solicitors with a specialized skill set are essential. Financial crime cases demand rigorous scrutiny of substantial data to build a robust defense. Harris Solicitors collaborates with experts like forensic accountants to provide insights critical for rebutting allegations.

Harris Solicitors:  Illuminating Case Studies Our portfolio showcases Harris Solicitors' prowess in securing acquittals for clients entangled in intricate and substantial offenses.

Pioneers in Fraud/White Collar Crime Defense: Backed by expertise, teamwork, and meticulous attention to detail, Harris Solicitors stands as a stalwart in defending fraud and white collar crime cases. Our proven record showcases technical prowess and a commitment to achieving optimal outcomes for our clients.

If you're facing a fraud investigation, our team provides clear insights and strategic guidance for your best course of action. Should you choose to partner with us, we'll navigate every stage with unwavering dedication to safeguarding your interests and securing the best possible resolution.

Harris Solicitors:  Illuminating Case Studies Our portfolio showcases Harris Solicitors' prowess in securing acquittals for clients entangled in intricate and substantial offenses.

Case Study

VAT Fraud Facing allegations in a £2.2 million VAT repayment fraud scheme, our client's defense prevailed. Scrutinizing 23,000 pages of evidence, we demonstrated that our client was wrongly implicated, leading to acquittal.

Case Study

Insurance Fraud Defending against a £9 million insurance fraud case, we secured the dismissal of the main count and successfully modified a POCA restraint order for our client, enabling their business activities during proceedings.

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