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Crown Court

Precision in Barrister Selection:
We meticulously engage barristers from the national circuit, ensuring a meticulous alignment between the nuances of each case and the expertise of the appointed barrister. Recognizing the inherent individuality of each case and the varying requisites of expertise, our approach remains steadfastly tailored. The choice of barrister is a weighty decision, a responsibility we approach with utmost seriousness.

Your peace of mind is guaranteed, as only seasoned barristers with a wealth of experience are entrusted to handle your case.


Proven Track Record:
Our history is emblematic of our ability to match myriad cases with adept barristers and experts drawn from diverse corners of the circuit. The expansive Crown Court department at Harris Solicitors thrives on diversity and recognises the singular nature of each case. Personalised attention is pivotal, as we hold our clients' interests with the utmost respect and care.

Crown Court Competence:
Our repertoire includes extensive involvement in Crown Court cases, often culminating in numerous acquittals. The realm of serious crime and fraud lies within our specialisation, encompassing the intricate domain of restraint orders and their alteration. Each case, regardless of its nature, is treated with the requisite diligence and thoroughness it merits.

Navigating Complex Terrain:
From drug importation cases to intricate fraud and serious crime, we have demonstrated our prowess in grappling with multifaceted challenges. With our substantial experience in manifold, serious, and intricate fraud cases, we have encountered a spectrum of legal scenarios.

Uncompromising Excellence:
Our expansive experience is a testament to the caliber of personalized service we extend. Our pride is derived from the impeccable standards we uphold. If your legal journey leads you to encounter the counter-terrorism unit (CTU), the National Crime Agency (NCA), the prosecution service, the benefits agency, or the serious complex case work unit, Harris Solicitors' Crown Court department is poised to provide unwavering support. Our specialized team of lawyers will stand with you at every juncture, ensuring your interests are championed and your case adeptly handled.

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