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Restraint Orders

Unraveling the Impact:
When you find yourself subject to a restraint order, the expertise of a specialized lawyer becomes your vital asset in challenging its effects. Essentially, this order freezes a significant portion, if not all, of your personal and/or business assets. This freeze exerts immense pressure, especially when combined with ongoing investigations.

Setting Us Apart:
Unlike our competitors, Harris Solicitors comprehensively addresses an area often overlooked. We understand that the impact of a restraint order can surpass the stress induced by the investigation itself.

Empowering Prosecutors:
Prosecutors increasingly harness the powers bestowed by the Proceeds of Crime Act to freeze individuals' assets. This measure serves a dual purpose: preserving assets to prevent their disposal and reflecting authorities' zealous pursuit of those suspected of financial wrongdoing. Typically sought during criminal proceedings or investigations, restraint orders are an ultimate bid to secure assets for potential future confiscation orders following a conviction involving gains from criminal conduct.

Grasping 'Frozen' Reality:
Referred to as 'freezing orders,' restraint orders fundamentally immobilize your assets. Business, trade, or even daily affairs grind to a halt, both domestically and abroad.

Harris Solicitors' Guiding Hand:
Our extensive experience with both professional and lay clients underscores our comprehension of restraint orders' far-reaching implications. Addressing and modifying these orders requires swiftness, a facet we deeply value. We prioritize clients under restraint orders, acknowledging the severe impact on financial matters and assets.

Legal Scrutiny:
Determining the legality and lawful acquisition of a restraint order is paramount. Harris Solicitors scrutinizes these aspects, ready to challenge or discharge orders that do not stand the test of legality.

Championing Your Cause:
Frustration mounts in the face of restraint orders and prolonged regulatory investigations. Harris Solicitors consistently challenges the necessity of such orders from the outset. If challengeable, dismantling such orders takes precedence for our firm.

Variations for Empowerment:
Once a restraint order's legality is established, Harris Solicitors examines possibilities for variation. This often pertains to allowing individuals to continue their business or trade. We also ensure provisions for essential bill payments and reasonable living expenses are secured.

Balancing Protection and Freedom:
While properly obtained restraint orders safeguard assets for potential confiscation proceedings, Harris Solicitors believes they shouldn't hinder legitimate income or curtail individuals' daily financial responsibilities and lives.

Your Path to Resolution:
Our seasoned lawyers, with a wealth of experience in handling such orders, provide sound advice and take decisive steps to discharge or modify any restraint order. For personalized guidance, connect with our team at 01274 392177. Harris Solicitors remains your steadfast partner throughout this journey.

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