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Fraud/Money Laundering

R v GR and 37 others (Operation Atrium) Carlise Crown Court
GR was charged with conspiracy to defraud between 2010 and 2014. It was alleged that he along with others was involved in a large scale lucrative cash for cash type fraud in Cumbria. The total value of the fraud was in excess of £600,000. We identified a failure in disclosure and the crown accepted a plea to a lesser offence that resulted in a non-custodial sentence. This was a joint prosecution by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS)and the  Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB).


R v WA and 10 others (Operation Kedenza) Southwark Crown Court
WA was charged with a conspiracy to defraud with others in a highly complex and one of a kind Cyber Vishing fraud to the value of £160 Million. WA was acquitted of all charges following a 3 week trial.


R v BZ and 27 others (Operation Janitor) Birmingham Crown Court
Large scale conspiracy to cheat HM Revenue and Customs by the submission of fraudulent VAT repayment claims and the setting up of companies for that purpose. It was alleged that the total value of the fraud was in excess of 2.6 Million our client BZ was acquitted of all charges following a 6 week trial. This was a case prosecuted by the Serious Fraud Office (SFO).


R v AK and 7 others (2 Million Fraud) Leeds Crown Court
AK was facing charges of conspiracy to defraud in excess of 2 Million pounds and money laundering offences. This was a very sophisticated and complex conspiracy involving identity theft, forging of bank documents and fraudulent obtaining monies from financial institutions. Our client was acquitted following a 5 week trial. This case was prosecuted by the SOCA(Serious Organised Crime Agency).


R v AY and 3 others (Operation Solar) Manchester Crown Court
AY was charged along with a very complex fraud and a sophisticated multi million pounds money laundering offences. The indictment period was over a total of 15 years. The prosecution failed to disclosure very important evidence as directed by the judge and our clients pleaded guilty to a lesser offences. This resulted in a non-custodial sentence being imposed.

R v SB & 11 others (Operation Eastvale) Birmingham Crown Court
SB was charged with a multi-million pounds conspiracy concerning an advanced fee timeshare fraud involving 38 Victims. SB was said to be the controlling mind of the operation.

R v TKP and 9 others (Operation Falkenbach) Southwark Crown Court
Operation Falkenbach was a Scotland Yard prosecution where it was alleged that our client was part of an International gang of money launders charged with multi-million pound money laundering. The value was in excess of 80 Million pounds. TKP was found not guilty of all the charges that he faced following a 6 week trial.

R v NH and 8 others (Operation Tavernier) Leeds Crown Court
NH was a legal executive who along with others was charged with conspiracy to defraud and money laundering. The allegation was that Pakistani workers were brought to work in the clothing industry only to be exploited.

R V MA and another (Operation Repetition) Manchester Crown Court
Instructed by MA who was a long standing chartered accountant. This was a long and very complex NHS fraud case of over 1.8 million. MA following a 3 day legal argument was acquitted.

R V IA Bradford Crown Court
Instructed by IA in a historic multi handed mortgage fraud involving many properties which led to a lengthy trial at Bradford Crown Court.

R V ME Bradford Crown Court
Instructed by ME in a complex benefit fraud/mortgage fraud and royal mail fraud case. This case involved complex legal arguments and a lengthy trial.

R v CN and others Birmingham Crown Court (5 million money laundering)
CN was charged with money laundering along with 8 others. It was a very complex crime where numerous bank accounts were used to transfer and launder the proceeds of crime. There was a legal argument surrounding the lack of disclosure and we persuaded the prosecution to accept a lesser offence that resulted in CN received a non-custodial sentence.

R v MI and others Manchester Crown Court
This was a complex case where the prosecution were alleging that the family were laundering the proceeds of crime. The defendant was found not guilty following a 4 week trial.


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