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About Harris Solicitors

 Founded in 2008

Leaders in Criminal Defence, Masters in Complex Crime:

At Harris Solicitors, we are not just legal practitioners; we are your allies in navigating the intricate landscape of criminal law. Based in Bradford, West Yorkshire, we offer expert legal advice and top-tier law services. With a legacy of excellence spanning years, we stand as pioneers in criminal defence, renowned for our prowess in handling the most intricate and challenging cases.

Open Law book and a gavel inside a court

Harris Solicitors

Our Vision

Our expertise goes beyond the ordinary:

We specialise in handling serious fraud and complex crime cases. When it comes to intricate legal matters, we thrive. Our team are highly skilled solicitors, with the expertise, experience and determination to tackle the complexities of the legal system.

Geographical Reach:

With offices strategically located across London, Bradford, and Scotland, our reach is not bound by borders. Wherever you are, our legal expertise is readily available. Our reputation extends beyond boundaries, making us a prominent name in both national and international legal circles.

Driven by Success:

At Harris Solicitors, our mission is clear – to secure justice for every client we represent. Our values are rooted in unwavering dedication, integrity, and compassion. We recognise the gravity of the challenges our clients face, and we pledge to stand by them throughout their legal journey.

Experts in Complex Crime and Serious Fraud:

In a landscape of intricacies, we stand as the authorities. Our expertise in navigating complex crime and serious fraud cases speaks for itself, backed by a history of exceptional achievements. Whether it's deciphering intricate financial details or analysing extensive evidence, our team possesses the finesse to lead you to success.

"We stand out as highly acclaimed criminal defence specialists"

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