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The firm on a daily basis deals nationally with high profile multiple defendant cases involving conspiracy to supply drugs. These cases in recent times due to mobile phone technology are ever more emerging and we are experiencing many defendants being charged with these offences. This is a complex area of law and requires a degree of knowledge and expertise in relation to telephone attribution and cell site evidence. Harris Solicitors has worked with many experts to deal with the issue of attribution and cell site.

R v A – Burnley Crown Court
This was a serious case involving multiple defendants. This operation span over a number of years and the firm challenged effectively all aspects of the prosecution case. Many external experts were instructed to tackle the cell site and attribution evidence. The defendant following a full length trial was acquitted of all charges.


R V K – Minshull Street Crown Court
The case of operation Alamos a drugs importation conspiracy involved many defendants and the firm represented the defendant. The telephone evidence and contact between the parties was considered in some great detail and the defendant was acquitted following a full length trial.

R V I – Minshull Street Crown Court
We were involved in this case where this defendant was charged with a large scale conspiracy involving the importation of class A controlled drugs together with many others. The trial took place and following effective defence arguments on the law, the offence was lowered to a single count of being concerned in the supply of class a drugs on one date. the defendant pleaded and received a very short custodial sentence.

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