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Sexual Offences

R V DC Bradford Crown Court
Instructed by DC in a 1 week trial where DC was a driving instructor alleged to have been in a relationship with 3 girls under the age of 13. It was alleged that he sexually assaulted the girls over a period of time at his home address. The defendant was acquitted following a trial at Bradford Crown Court.

R V RH Bradford Crown Court
Instructed by RH in a string of sexual offences and rape of 3 girls 2 aged 12 and one aged 13. RH denied all matters in relation to the allegations.

R V MW Bradford Crown Court
Instructed by MW for allegations of Rape and sexual assault of his niece. The allegations were alleged to have occurred at his home address over a period of time.

R V SB – York Crown Court
Instructed for the defendant at York Crown Court where it was alleged that he was in possession of and distributed extreme pornographic level 1, 2 and 3 images of children on his computer. Our clientwas not sent to prison and was given a suspended sentence.

R V AM Minshull Street Crown Court
Instructed by MA in relation to offences of sexual assault on his step daughter. It was alleged that AM had sexually assaulted his step daughter over a period of time.

R V SA and 18 others Leeds Crown Court
Instructed by SA in a historic sexual grooming case involving many others. This was a long and sophisticated trial which was split up into many trials due to the vast amount of issues involved in the case.

R V NA and 24 others Leeds Crown Court
Instructed by NA in a historic rape and sexual assault and grooming case involving many defendants and 4 complainants.

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