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SRA Price Transparency

Our Pricing Structure at Harris Solicitors

At Harris Solicitors, we believe in transparent and fair pricing for the legal services we provide. Our charges consist of our fees for legal work and what are known as 'disbursements' – costs associated with your case that are payable to other professionals, such as barristers. To streamline the process, we often manage disbursement payments on your behalf.

Expert Legal Handling, Trusted Team:

Rest assured, your case will be under the guidance of a dedicated member of our seasoned litigation team. Our team comprises skilled lawyers and experienced paralegals, each specializing in this field. Once assigned, we will introduce you to your case handler, offering a comprehensive overview of their qualifications and background.

No matter who is handling your case, it will be overseen by Atta Rehman (PQE: 14 years).

Transparent Rates:

Our solicitors primarily operate on a fixed-fee hourly basis. Below, you'll find the hourly rates for our legal team, unless an alternative funding agreement is in place:

- Partner/Solicitor with over 8 years’ PQE: £500.00 (Total = £600 including VAT at 20%)
- Solicitor with over 4 years’ PQE: £350.00 (Total = £420 including VAT at 20%)
- Solicitor with less than 4 years’ PQE: £250.00 (Total = £300 including VAT at 20%)
- Trainee Solicitor / Paralegal: £150.00 (Total = £180 including VAT at 20%)

Magistrates Court Traffic Work:

Transparency is paramount, especially for summary-only motoring offences under Part I of the Road Traffic Act 1988 and/or s89 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984. These rules apply to offenses like driving while disqualified, driving without insurance, careless driving, and failing to stop or report.

For these cases, the estimated average costs are as follows:

- Early guilty plea: £400 (Total = £480 including VAT at 20%)
- Trial: £1200 (Total = £1440 including VAT at 20%)

Actual costs may vary based on circumstances such as expert witnesses, witness statements, special reasons hearing advice, or appeals.

Trial Proceedings:

Our pricing structure provides fixed rates for trials. However, in the event of an appeal or if the case becomes more complex, costs may exceed the fixed range. Trial duration, measured in sitting days, can also influence costs.

Additional Costs: Disbursements

Besides our costs, you may need to cover 'disbursements.' These include expenses for a single hearing representation, expert witness engagement, medical records, witness statements, and appeal or special reasons hearing advice. For tailored quotes based on your circumstances, please consult us.

Key Stages of Your Case:

Our outlined costs encompass the following key stages for Magistrates court traffic work:

- Providing guidance and options throughout the process
- Offering advice on the Road Traffic Act, Road Traffic Regulation Act, and court procedures
- Assessing eligibility criteria and potential solutions
- Reviewing provided evidence
- Advising on potential sentencing
- Court attendance and pre-court consultation
- Discussion of case outcome; additional costs apply for appeal advice

Duration of Your Case:

Unfortunately, we cannot predict hearing timelines, as they depend on court schedules for the given day.

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