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Conspiracy Offences

Harris Solicitors, renowned for navigating the complexities of criminal law, understands that a specific action planned or executed need not be a crime itself to be considered part of a criminal conspiracy. The critical factor lies in its role within an overall plan involving criminal activity. For instance, purchasing ski masks may not be criminal, but if acquired for a bank robbery scheme, those involved could face charges of conspiracy to commit bank robbery.

The crime of conspiracy can be alleged regardless of whether the plan is executed or the crime is committed. The focus is on the agreement to carry out specific actions as part of a criminal plan. Even if the crime is never attempted or completed, individuals planning a bank robbery, for example, can be charged with conspiracy.

Moreover, individuals assisting in planning a crime, though not directly involved in the criminal act, can face similar punishment as the primary perpetrator. In essence, conspiring to commit an offence is treated as a criminal act in itself, similar to robbery, murder, or drug supply.

Conspiracy charges carry severe consequences, potentially resulting in life imprisonment upon conviction. Therefore, it is crucial to have robust legal support throughout the entire process, from interviews and investigations to prosecution. If you find yourself arrested, scheduled for a police interview, or charged with a conspiracy offence, Harris Solicitors offers specialized and expert representation to ensure a comprehensive and effective defense.

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