About Us


Atta is a qualified Duty Solicitor and a fully Accredited Police Station Representative who has spent many years advancing his career. He specialises in publicly funded criminal defence work and has become a very popular figure in the legal profession. Atta has a huge client base and a vast client following. He is a very popular and competitive figure and has proven to provide the best service and advice to all his clients. He believes in reaching goals and aims to his highest potential and failure is not part of his agenda.

He has defended cases ranging from Murder to shoplifting both at the Magistrates Court and the Crown Court. He has gained a reputation amongst clients for providing a high level of commitment to securing the best possible outcome to their case. Atta has established an effective working relationship with defence counsel and Queens Counsel who specialise in defending people against allegations of business related crime and regulatory breaches.


Tariq is a Duty Solicitor and a fully Accredited Police Station Representative. Tariq specialises in Criminal Law and has shown a fondness to this area of law.

His skills are invaluable to Harris Solicitors and he has dealt with cases from the Police Station, the Magistrates Court and the Crown Court. Tariq has dealt with cases such as Murder, Manslaughter, Complex and Serious Fraud, White Collar Crime and Kidnapping.

Tariq deals with each case having the clients interests in mind at all times. He challenges all parts of the prosecution case to ensure a successful and amicable outcome. He has a good focus on the law and generally deals with the more sophisticated crime and multiple defendant cases.


Simon was formerly a Senior Crown Prosecutor with the Crown Prosecution Service having left at the beginning of May 2010 after four and a half years service. Simon wanted to leave CPS as he needed a fresh challenge as with his experience he wanted to begin representing clients in the Crown Court and wanted to begin in a career in criminal defence work.

Simon has a firm aim to provide a high level of service to all his clients setting new challenges for himself and also providing a high level of advocacy in the Magistrates Court and the Crown Court. Simon is also a Higher Court Advocate and represents clients at the Crown Court as well as the Magistrates Court. He is a Police Station Accredited Representative and regularly attends at the police station representing clients on various matters. Simon is also a court and police station duty solicitor.

Whilst working at Harris Solicitors he has defended many cases in the Magistrates Court and has achieved many acquittals. He has a sound knowledge of the law and his experience has proved invaluable to the firm.


Claire is a fully qualified Solicitor and a Higher Court Advocate. She is also Duty Qualified and covers duty solicitor cases both at the Magistrates Court and at the Police Station

She only deals with crime associated cases both in the Magistrates Court and at the Crown Court. She has had dealings with serious cases and recently more notably she was dealing with an attempt murder case where she was a junior advocate. The defendant was acquitted after a 9 day trial at Bradford Crown Court. Claire enjoys the job she does and focuses on every aspect of a case to ensure the best possible outcome.


Adam joined the firm in order to seek new challenges and to continue in his success. He is a Duty Solicitor, fully Accredited Police Station Representative and a Higher Court Advocate. Adam qualified as a solicitor in 1999 and since this time he has not stopped in his career. Adam predominantly conducts his work at the Crown Court defending high profile cases and ensuring the highest level of service at all times.

He has previously been the founder of his own law firm, Adam Walker & Co, however decided that the new challenge of working in the Crown Court was a thing for him.

Adam is a well liked character in the legal profession and his knowledge and understanding of the law has proved to be a significant factor.


Natalie has been with Harris solicitors from the start. She has invaluable experience and deals with a majority of the firm’s clients. She is a friendly and outgoing person who enjoys the job she does.

Natalie is a firm believer in success and ensures that she meets the needs of the clients. Natalie prepares the briefs to counsel instructing barrister’s chambers and speaking with police officers on a daily basis. She has dealings with clients when they are due to attend at the police station to answer to their bail. Natalie ultimatly manages the office and ensures each member of staff carries out their roles and functions according to the individual clients needs.


Natalie has dealings with the admin and effective work progression on each individual file. She ensures that each file is prepared to its highest standards and monitors the files accuracy against the firm’s promises to the client.

She will ensure that each and every client receives a high level of service and regularly monitors the progression of the case. The quality of the file is monitored regularly by Natalie and she provides the relevant feedback where necessary to staff members.


Toni is a well liked character and is covering reception as the main secretary for the firm. She deals with a lot of incoming calls to the office and delegates the appropriate tasks to the individual fee earners. Toni enjoys the job she does and is extremely confident with her role as the firms secretary.